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Wage & Hour

If You Are Owed Overtime Pay, Commissions or Wages, We’re Here to Help. Most employees in Massachusetts must be paid overtime pay over forty hours worked in one week.

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Wrongful Termination

Know your rights if you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated Although many Massachusetts employees are “at-will,” there are exceptions to the at-will doctrine. There are also certain public policies that protect “at-will” employees.

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Sexual Harrassment

If You Are a Victim of Sexual Harassment in Massachusetts, You Have Rights. As an employee in the state of Massachusetts, you are protected by state and federal laws against sexual harassment.

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If you are a victim of Discrimination in Massachusetts, You Have Rights. If you’ve been discriminated against in your workplace, state and federal law provide protections.

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Severance Agreements

If You Have a Severance Agreement, it is a Legal Contract that Affects Your Rights. Severance agreements in Massachusetts are typically drafted by the company’s attorney to protect the company, not to protect your career.

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Understand your Non-Compete Agreement and any Post-Employment Restrictions Although there have been many efforts to abolish or limit non-compete agreements in Massachusetts, courts still enforce some agreements.

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Employment Law

We handle a full range of employment matters for individuals, including discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment cases in Massachusetts. We advise employees who are on performance improvement plans or who are concerned that they will lose their job.

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