Long Term Unemployment and Age Discrimination

Mar 26, 2012

The Wall Street Journal (“WSJ”) is reporting that many workers who have been out of the labor market for a long period of time are being left out of the recovery from the Great Recession.  The WSJ video can be found here.  The gist of the reporting is that the longer the workers are unemployed, the harder the time they have getting back into the labor force.  The reporter states that the challenge workers have may relate to skills erosion, the stigma employers place on the unemployed or perhaps over time the worker is spending less time looking for a job and has become detached from the workforce.

It is interesting that the WSJ reporter hasn’t mentioned the age of the long term unemployed.  While a lack of marketable skills and the discrimination of employers against those who are unemployed are certainly factors, it is no secret that many of those suffering through long term unemployment are older workers.  In many cases, age discrimination may also be a factor in long term unemployment and the difficulty faced by older job seekers in re-entering the workforce.

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