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  • Performance Improvement Plans

    performance improvement plans

    If you’ve been given a performance improvement plan (also known as a PIP) at work, you know you’ve reached a critical point in your employment.

    performance improvement plan

    What Are Performance Improvement Plans?

    Performance improvement plans typically document and identify what your manager believes is poor performance. If you’ve received one, it . . . → Read More: Performance Improvement Plans

    Executive Job Transitions

    job transitions

    If you’ve been laid off, fired from your job, restructured out, or you’ve been told you need to leave in weeks or months, you need to manage a job transition. You may feel that you’re alone in it, but you’re not. Every week we advise a range of executives and professionals who either knew their . . . → Read More: Executive Job Transitions

    Severance Agreements: Nine Things to Know

    severance agreements

    Employees with proposed severance agreements often wonder if they can review and negotiate the agreement themselves. Severance agreements are typically written to protect the company. Severance agreements are legal contracts, typically drafted by the company’s lawyer. The terms can affect you for months or years after you’ve left the company. It is important to have . . . → Read More: Severance Agreements: Nine Things to Know

    Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law

    Independent Contractor

    independent contractor

    The Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law makes it very difficult for companies to legally hire independent contractors. There is a three part test that most companies can’t meet.

    The Three Part Independent Contractor Test

    The company must show:

    1. The individual is free from direction and control;

    . . . → Read More: Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law

    Five Things Fired Employees Need to Know

    Stressed Businesswoman


    Getting fired can be terribly stressful. Usually there is emotional and financial fall out from a firing. It can be hard to know to know how to deal with it. Here are five things employees who are fired or laid off . . . → Read More: Five Things Fired Employees Need to Know

    Market Basket A Game Changer

    Market Basket employees and customers are celebrating a successful job action that led to the return of ousted CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas. This dispute dominated news in Massachusetts, became a national story, and blew up social media sites. From a lawyer’s perspective, what the heck was so unique about it and what does it mean . . . → Read More: Market Basket A Game Changer

    Will Market Basket Contest Unemployment?

    The Boston Globe is reporting that Market Basket workers are saying that the co-CEO’s have sent letters setting a deadline for a return to work. The letter directs the employee to return to work or “the company will consider you to have abandoned your job, thereby ending your employment with the company.”

    Eligibility . . . → Read More: Will Market Basket Contest Unemployment?

    Tech Start-ups and Sexual Harassment

    sexual harassment

    Sexual harassment and discrimination in tech start-ups is now being reported in the media. Described as a “bro culture” or “frat house” atmosphere, the behavior and conduct of many employees crosses the line from inappropriate conduct to illegal conduct. In many instances, the company founders participate or turn a blind eye to it. In a . . . → Read More: Tech Start-ups and Sexual Harassment

    Sexual Harassment at Car Dealership

    A car dealership has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for over $2 million. Male employees claimed that the former male lot manager sexually harassed male employees for over ten years. The conduct included sexual comments, inappropriate grabbing and touching of male employees and frequent solicitations for oral sex. Over 50 male employees were subjected to . . . → Read More: Sexual Harassment at Car Dealership

    Cleaning Company Ordered to Pay Overtime

    A Peabody cleaning contractor, Ward’s Cleaning Service, Inc. must pay its workers $1 million in back pay and damages. The cleaning company illegally asked employees to use multiple time cards with different names, changed time cards, paid employees with checks made out to false names and paid employees in cash.

    Companies, like this cleaning company, . . . → Read More: Cleaning Company Ordered to Pay Overtime